MY APPAREL SOLUTIONS has no control over the end use of the supplied high visibility garments. Goods supplied are tested to comply with AS/NZS garment standards 4602.1999 and at the time of delivery meet these standards. Prime Mover Corporation P/L takes no responsibility for goods that do not comply to AS/NZS 4602.1999 due to mishandling or misuse. Events that can cause the garment to not comply with AS/NZS 4602.1999 include: Keeping the garment for an extended period of time, extensive UV exposure, general soiling, misuse or failure to follow specified washing instructions and guidelines supplied on a swing ticket with every garment. Adding branding to the garment eg. printing/embroidery may also result in non compliance to the relevant standard.


It is a condition of supply that garments supplied to the customer remain the property of Prime Mover Corporation Pty Ltd until all sums owing from the customer to Prime Mover Corporation Pty Ltd are paid for in full. Legal and beneficial title to the goods supplied shall not pass to the customer on taking physical possession and property in and title to the goods shall not pass until all sums owing to Prime Mover Corporation Pty Ltd are fully paid. Prime Mover Corporation Pty Ltd reserves the right to recover possession of any goods supplied by it where all sums owing to Prime Mover Corporation Pty Ltd have not been paid for within the terms of the company’s normal trading arrangements with that customer.



Returned goods must be approved by MY APPAREL SOLUTIONS. Goods can only be returned within the first 7 days after receipt and only afterMY APPAREL SOLUTIONS has issued an authorised return number directly from Head Office in Melbourne. Goods returned without an authorisation return number will not be reviewed and/or processed. You have a right to a refund when the goods: 1. Have a fault you could not have known about when you bought them. You do NOT have a right to a refund when: 1. There is nothing wrong with the goods but you have changed your mind 2. The goods were damaged after you bought them 3. You knew, or could reasonably have known, about any faults when you bought them (eg. Samples or seconds). 4. The goods have been altered and cannot be re-sold (eg. embroidery, printing, branding has been added to the garment.)